Small Plates

$14.50 Arancini, blue cheese sauce, honey saffron and truffle zest

$14.00 Patatas bravas, shallots, pineapple and garlic aioli 

$16.00 Pistachio pesto gnocchi and parmesan cheese

$17.00 White cod, leche de tigre, strawberry pickles and potato taco

$19.00 Pork meatballs, shimeji mushrooms, labneh and mole sauce

$21.50 Scallop crudo, avocado gazpacho, feta cheese and crispy rice

$18.50 Spicy tuna tartar, sushi rice, seaweed and cream cheese sauce

$22.00 Wagyu carpaccio, salsa macha, baba ganoush and naan bread

$16.50 Italian sausage dumplings, mozzarella and marinara sauce


$6.00 Marinated olives

$12.50  Parmigiano, dates and smoked almonds

$9.50  Bread, herb butter and cranberry jam

$10.5 Hummus, tzatziki and pita bread

$6.0 Smoked almonds


After Dinner

$10.50 Cannoli cookie, filled with cream and chocolate sauce

$10.00 Goat cheese panna cotta, lime curd and pistachios